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Monday, July 2, 2007

Unknown girl posing

I dont know the name of this girl (The file name suggests Kavi - But is that matters !!! ) .... These type of images and photoshoot were increased in mumerous numbers in bollywood ..the pop albums were exclusively made with unknown chicks with maximum exposure ... The bollywood films were gone beyond exposing ... Smooching ans exposing were become very common ... This picture is the extreme ... most of her body parts were shown .... stunning picture

Santhoshi Cleavage

This was another typical picture ..which we cant tell whether its delibrate or accidental ... Its a very nice photo and she was cute in this picture ... This was the first film to both them ... She become more exposed later and exposed more ...but this pic is a classic

Deepika Padukone

My first crush on her started from the famous pop number of Himesh Reshammiya "Tera Naam" She was absolute georgeous and She was one of the top models in India ... I will collect each and every pictures of her ... She was acting in some ads too ... Shes awesome, georgeos and has beautifull body structure ...

Monolisa Exposed

This picture is also very similar to that of the previous picture ... This picture exposes better than the previous picture ...look at how delibrate sh is in showing her body structures .... The tan skin (cont...)

Monolisa - Semi nude

When i see this picture ... i literally shocked to see such a pose by an indian mainstream actress ... This is just like fully nude in front of the camera ... The picture is an absolute jerk and its puposefully taken for the publicity of the cinema ... The girl is hot with nice body structure ...

Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

Tranparent fashion

As the text in that image says ... A model presents the costume designed by indian designer ..the dress is so transparent .. so that we even see the n's ..what the heck is this ..where is india heading to ???!!! 

Nandha pressing

Nice photoshoot ... The hero name is Nandha and he is a new comer .. Lokk how hes holding the B's of that actress ... I dont know how shes allowing to take such photoes ..that too in a mass media ... erotic content

Urvasi drenched 1

This type of exposure may happen ... especially when director try to explain the scene have to note such things .. The B's of Urvasi started to hang without the support ..that too in white costumes ... Most of the B's popped out and made it a nice scene :D

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Offeical photoshoot

Sania looks more cute than in grounds .. this is the professional photoshoot ... hence it came out nice .. its my personnel favourite ... The thighs were smooth and the hands resting back ... thrusting **** in front .. awesome